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Karbon footprint plant supplement


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A unique plant health supplement that aids in restoring nutrient uptake deficiencies and offsets traditional nutrient costs and resulting in healthier plants, bigger denser yields and superior terpene productions.

Karbon footprint can be used several ways such as restoring plants experiencing nutrient deficiencies, occasional usage to supercharge plant immune health, regular supplemental dosing allowing growers to lower traditional nutrient needs while increasing yields and terpene profiles. Application rates and methods vary by usage.

The best part is our product is made by harvesting destructive and nuisance turf algae from the ocean that is then fermented in a unique process that results in a sustainable all natural plant fertilizer offering a variety of uses. Karbon footprint is a win all around freeing the oceans from toxic algae and converting the otherwise useless biomass into a beneficial product.

Our goal was simple, develop and work with products that directly effect the planet in a positive way. Removing turf algae from our oceans ensures habitats such as kelp forests remain healthy with flourishing life.

Using our products directly supports the WWF world wildlife fund as we are ongoing sponsors by way of donations.


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