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About Us

Products with a sustainable purpose

Solutions to restore health within our ecosystem while developing mindful agricultural products is our number one goal. The nature of our products allow the end user to additionally offset their own carbon footprint by reducing the amount of traditional nutrients otherwise used.

Our team members vigorously explore cutting edge advancements and technologies to think outside the box when developing plant nutrient products such as Karbon footprint. By sourcing toxic turf algae from our oceans we’re not only lowering our overall impact, we’re improving ocean health and sealife.

The staff here has a combined 50+ years of agricultural experience across many platforms and various industries allowing us to truly understand the needs of both commercial and home gardeners of all types.

Frequent Questions

Is Karbon footprint organic?

Karbon footprint is 100% naturally derived by harvesting ocean algae which is then fermented to produce a clean sustainable plant supplement. Karbon footprint is safe for all fruits, vegetables and crops grown for human and animal consumption.

Are there certifications for use in all U.S. states?

Currently Karbon footprint is approved for sales in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana with more regions being added regularly.

Is Karbon footprint good for growing cannabis and or hemp?

Karbon footprint is extremely effective for budding and flowering plants such as cannabis by providing superior plant health resulting in more vigorish vegging and flowering phases, denser heavier yields with increased terpene profiles. Additionally the regular use of Karbon footprint with a scheduled regimen will lower the needs and use of traditional nutrients helping lower costs and increase ROI.